SicFlics – She Loves Fisting

Hey there guys, as always we’re back with the usual kinky sicflics scene for you to see. This time we have a bit of a special little scene to show to you and we can bet that you will love this one too. You get to see a couple that likes to enjoy some rather extreme fucking every time they get it on and this fine day you get front row seats to their naughty show as they get to put on display just how hard they like to party every time that they get it on together. You know two people have a very successful relationship when they complement each other perfectly in bed and these two seemed to have the perfect sync too. So let’s see them play today!

As their scene starts off, you get to see the usual stuff for foreplay too. Like passionate kissing and caressing, and then oral, both performing it too on one another. Just watch the babe sucking the guy’s cock and then see him rewarding the babe with some nice pussy licking too. After that the hard style show starts properly and you can see that the lady has more kinky things in mind too. So watch her having her man, taking his time to double fist her eager wet pussy with both hands today as she just lay on her belly enjoying the special treatment today. We hope that you liked it and we’ll be back soon with more scenes!

sicflics she loves fisting

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