SicFlics – The Champagne Bottle

Sicflics is the new place to go to if you want to check out some quite amazing and hot scenes with some very naughty babes as well. And rest assured that we plan on bringing you lots and lots of superb scenes with babes doing naughty stuff every week from now on everyone. So let’s get started with this first one as we get to see one naughty babe celebrate a special occasion. Well she doesn’t celebrate it in the way you may expect it but it’s a celebration nonetheless and you get to see it all in this scene today. So let’s not waste time and get to watch her at play just for your viewing pleasure and let’s get the show rolling shall we?

The sexy lady was spending Valentines alone but that was no reason for her to not enjoy herself. And of course she has some mighty fine rose champagne to accompany her. But she wouldn’t just drink it. Oh no, this babe had other plans for the nice and big bottle. You see, she just loves to shove things nice and deep in her ass and this was just the perfect occasion as well. So take your time as you get to watch this amazing babe today as she gets to fuck herself anally with the nice and thick wine bottle this afternoon. Have fun with the scene and do come back soon for more. We will be waiting for you right here with all new and hot sicflics scenes!

sicflics champagne bottle

See this slut stretching her ass using a champagne bottle!

Amateur Sarah

Another fresh week and time as always to check out some more brand new sicflics galleries. Well today’s the time to also check out another new babe. Her name is Sarah and compared to the other babes here she’s pretty light in her stretching passion. But she more than makes up for it with an eagerness to play kinky and a stamina that few babes have, as she takes a nice and long while to fuck herself with that giant red dildo today. It all ended nicely for her as well, but more on that later. For now let’s get on with it and see more in depth just what she got around to do for your viewing pleasure everyone so let’s start!


Sarah is the perfect fit for the site because as you know, this is the best place to come and visit when you want to check our crazy chicks getting kinky with huge sex toys or their partners fist fucking them in their holes. As the scene starts, sexy Sarah puts the huge red dildo on the ground and squatting over it, she slides it in her cunt. Watch her bouncing up and down slow at first but watch her working up more and more speed and soon you can see her fucking her pussy with the sex toy hard style. It ends in a very great way as the babe also gets to experience a pretty powerful orgasm. Check it out and see you soon with new updates!

Enjoy watching this slut stretching her holes!

SicFlics – Amazing Elastic Pussy

Hey there once more guys and gals. It’s time to enjoy some new sicflics scenes and we brig you a babe with a common talent around here once again. She’s a babe with a very eager pussy and she wants to show you that she can put all sorts of nice and big things inside. Rest assured that she also has a nice and extensive collection of sex toys and as much as she would love to show them all off, none of them as are impressive as her favorite one, which happens to be the huge pink one. Today she will show it off on cam and yes, she puts it to use on her sweet pussy today and you get to watch it all.

The scene takes place in her living room and when she first makes her entry you can check her out wearing her superb and hot lingerie bodysuit. She soon rips it in the crotch and ass area as those will be used quite extensively this afternoon and she wasn’t about to go through the trouble to get undressed once again. Well see her bend over and putting the toy against the wall. She pushes against it and it penetrates her cunt as she makes a moan of pleasure. Se keeps on pressing and you can see that this babe actually manages to take pretty much half of the monster dildo in her cunt today. Great show!


Watch here this slut stretching her pussy to the limits!

Bella’s Record

Bella has starred in her own sicflics scenes in the past, but the babe wanted to break her record with her current scene. And if you will recall, she attempted to take one incredibly big black dildo in her ass last time. She managed to go pretty deep on it and she said that she felt truly amazing as she got her ass to stretch a whole lot that day. Well she was motivated to go and get a new one that was just a little bit bigger. And so we come to today’s scene where she attempts to fuck her new toy and stretch her ass out even more with it as well. We bet you’re eager to see how she did, so let’s not delay and see her in action.


You could say that horny and sexy Bella wanted to test her biggest dildo yet but the truth is that she more or less wanted to test the limits of her ass. And well…it sure got tested. Sit back and see her prepping the scene by putting the dildo on the ground first. She was already nude as she was eager to get on it, but first a proper amount of lube was needed to make sure that she had an easy time sliding it in her ass. Once that was done, she gets on top and slowly starts to squat lower and lower as the huge and black glossy dildo gets to enter her nice and sexy ass deeper and deeper still. Enjoy!

See slutty Bella testing her biggest dildo!

SicFlics – Brutal Fisting

Well here we are yet again and we have more goodies to bring you today. As you know sicflics always has crazy babes to show off and this one that’s here today you’re sure to recognize on the spot. This is the same lady that you got to see bent over and anally fist fucked in one of our past scenes and she seems to be here for some more anal pleasing as well. It goes down pretty much the same as the last time but this week, the babe wanted to attempt to take two hands in her ass instead of one. Well we’re just happy that we caught her attempt at the feat on camera as it makes for a simply sizzling hot and kinky show for the afternoon today!

Just like last time, the same guy gets to help her out and this time you get to see them having some regular sex first. She wanted to get that sweet man meat in her cunt as well and well it would serve as great primer for what went down next. Then she bends over just like then and for a while she has her man fist fuck her ass with one hand as she adores the pleasing. And then she has him add the second palm to stretch her ass out even more and it actually went in too. What a crazy little slut she is, but she sure puts on the best shows for everyone to see too. Have your fun with her as well today and see you next week!


Enjoy watching this slut getting her ass fisted!

Brutal Massive Dildo

Another fresh week and time for you guys and gals to see some more sicflics scenes with horny babes playing with huge toys. The lady in this one also wants to show off her simply humongous sex toy as she gets to put it to use and you just have to see this one without fail. She does enjoy having a regular fuck every now and then, but since she’s a very busy mature woman, the cutie ends up most of the times playing by herself in her apartment and she seems to have developed a kink over time, for bigger and bigger dildos too. And so, we come to today’s scene where she gets to show off the most recent acquisition that she has.


When she plays solo, she also has her own special set of clothes that she likes to wear and basically that’s just her high heels plus a pair of denim shorts that have a nice and big hole in the back for her ass. Watch her putting the dildo on the ground and see her lubing it a bit as well. She wants to make sure that it has a very very easy time sliding in and out of her butt and then she gets on top of it. Watch and enjoy the babe moaning in pleasure as she sides her ass up and down the brutal toy and see her ass stretched as much as she wants too. It’s one of those sicflics scenes that you just can’t miss so check it out and come back soon for more!

Check out this slut stretching her holes to the limits!

SicFlics – Bucket Cunts

This week’s new sicflics update is sure to leave you impressed with another babe that adores having things stuffed in her holes. And of course it wouldn’t be complete if she wasn’t a super sexy mature woman either. Oh and she does have a fetish for sexy lingerie and clothing as you can clearly see in this scene with her. She’s a pretty sexy blonde as well and she wanted to show off her favorite toy in the collection that she has. That happens to be a pretty huge red dildo and she’s going to try taking as much of it as she can in her ass this afternoon. So let’s get her show on the road and see her do her best to get her ass stretched with it.


The sexy clothing that we mentioned earlier happens to be a fishnet outfit and nothign else. As soon as she makes her entry you can check her out parading it and her body to show off how good she looked while wearing it. It doesn’t take long for the luscious lady to sit on all fours and have a bit of help with the thing. The guy that was helping her can be seen bringing on over the huge toy and slowly but surely starts to insert it in her ass in that doggie style position. So take your time once again to check out a hottie getting her very horny holes stretched to the limit. Do come back next week for another new and hot update, featuring more crazy sex toys and fisting!

Watch here this chick getting her holes destroyed!

SicFlics – Double Anal Fisting

Today is a great day for another sicflics scene to be brought to your screens everyone. It’s a great opportunity to check out some more crazy babes that are crazy about fisting and fucking and just like always the scenes are here to speak for themselves. IN this one we have a rather petite woman of slim build as you can observe and the first impression that anyone would have is that she’s never done anything as kinky as what can be seen here usually. And that’s where you’d be wrong as this small babe is always happy to show off that she can more than handle big things in her holes. So let’s sit back and enjoy the view of her getting wild.


For her scene, she gets to play in her bedroom and the guy that she gets kinky with is more than happy to help her out in her showing off session. First order of business is to show how big her butt hole can stretch and for that some fair amount of lubing was needed too. Take your time to see her sit on all fours and show off that cute sexy round ass as well to begin with. Then the guy starts going in slowly with his hand in her ass and you can already hear her moaning. Enjoy seeing her getting her ass fist fucked today and be sure to check it out through the end as the lady also gets to have her pussy fucked balls deep as well. Bye bye!

Enjoy watching this chick getting her holes fisted!

Dildo Insertion

Hey there everyone. It’s time to check out some more all new and fresh matures here at sicflics and this week’s lady is quite the bombshell. She’s another superb and hot MILF that has a passion for big things entering her eager cunt and she wants to show off just how big of a thing can her sweet cunt accommodate today. And yes another incredibly big toy is used for it as well. The thing is that this babe wasn’t really able to take it and play with it herself. So she needed a bit of help which was gladly given to her by her professional aide today. So let’s watch the action with her in this scene and enjoy the superb gallery of images!

Now according to her, she could have just plopped it on the ground and started to ride it. Buuut the best experience she seems to get is when she’s laying on her back with her crotch area just a bit in the air and legs spread nice and wide. Oh and in the time she takes to get into her position, you can see that she is sporting a sexy outfit composed of a superb leather corset and her thigh high stockings and nothing else. Either way, sit back and relax as you get to watch the mature woman moan in pleasure as she gets to have her wet pussy stretched wide by a huge black dildo today. It’s a great scene and we hope to see her again soon!


See this babe stuffing her pussy with a monster dildo!

Fisting and Dildo

Hey there everyone, sicflics here once again with a new scene for you. We know how much you adore to watch some hotties stretch out their holes with toys and hard fist fucks and we want to show you some more in that regard. This scene has a simply superb brunette as she gets about her way to play kinky all by herself and as you can already guess, she has the company of a brutal dildo. Well this scene has her riding on top of it to see how deep she cal slide it in. It’s a great and amazing scene with her and you get to see her stretching her cunt throughout this simply glorious scene, so let’s get started.


The slutty brunette begins her scene by showing off her body. She started out all naked and the only thing that she was sporting was her thigh high stockings. Well and a pink scarf, but that can’t really be considered an outfit. Anyway, the babe was more than happy to get around to ride her toy and at first she teases the entrance of her cunt with the tip. After that she goes for it and slides it nicely in, at which point she lets out a loud and sensual moan of pleasure. Watch her bounce up and down the massive rubber cock and see her enjoying it. She even reaches a pretty powerful orgasm by the end of the scene as well. Have fun and see you guys soon!

Watch here this slut destroying her holes!

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