SicFlics – Jolly Giant

Hey there and as always, welcome back to more sicflics updates. We wanted to bring you one more sexy and slutty babe that gets wild with her toys and this petite woman was the perfect go to choice to be honest. At first, you’d never think that this babe would be able to take a medium sized cock inside her cunt, but with her gallery she sure proves everyone wrong by getting to play with one of her favorite, giant pink dildos. Well she is a blonde babe as well and like we said, she does have a pretty petite build too. Sit back and relax as the show starts as you are going to be in for quite the ride with this adorable little blonde lady today!


The cameras start to roll and of course the first thing to hit you is the sight of this little lady. The only thing that she had on her, was her pink stockings and nothing else, well her sunglasses too. Anyway, the babe’s body is just so sexy with curves in all the important places and even though her breasts are a bit on the small side they are still gorgeous and playful too. Watch her rip open a hole in the crotch as she was eager to go right then and there and after spreading her legs nice and wide see her plunging that huge toy in her pussy without delay. Take your time to see her fuck herself hardcore with the giant toy and enjoy the view of it!

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